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If Australia had a national dish, I think if would probably be the meat pie. It's a perfect blend of flaky pastry, rich gravy and warm meat fillings. People around here are passionate about a good pie and they will travel a long way for one. Because I'm passionate about pies, I have filled this site with insight on different pies from bakeries around Australia so that we can try all of their delicious takes on this classic pie. This blog will soon become your favourite site if you love to eat pies and learn more about new bakeries and shops.

Clean Eating: Four Tidy Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Cake for Toddlers

If you are planning a birthday party with toddlers, eating the cake is inevitably going to be a bit messy. However, there are things you can do to reduce the messiness. Want to facilitate relatively tidy toddler cake-eating? Keep these ideas in mind: 1. Opt for fondant icing. Fondant icing is stylish, and it allows bakers to create a huge range of things from Minecraft cakes to cakes decorated with fondant roses. Read More