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If Australia had a national dish, I think if would probably be the meat pie. It's a perfect blend of flaky pastry, rich gravy and warm meat fillings. People around here are passionate about a good pie and they will travel a long way for one. Because I'm passionate about pies, I have filled this site with insight on different pies from bakeries around Australia so that we can try all of their delicious takes on this classic pie. This blog will soon become your favourite site if you love to eat pies and learn more about new bakeries and shops.

Clean Eating: Four Tidy Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Cake for Toddlers

If you are planning a birthday party with toddlers, eating the cake is inevitably going to be a bit messy. However, there are things you can do to reduce the messiness. Want to facilitate relatively tidy toddler cake-eating? Keep these ideas in mind:

1. Opt for fondant icing.

Fondant icing is stylish, and it allows bakers to create a huge range of things from Minecraft cakes to cakes decorated with fondant roses. However, it's also arguably less messy than creamy icing. When toddlers grab a chunk of creamy icing, the icing immediately spreads between their fingers and all over their hands, but with fondant icing, the frosting is in a more stable "sheet", which is harder to make into a mess. Namely, it takes time to smash a piece of fondant into a mess, which gives you a bigger window of time to catch and stop the culprit—or for them to get the frosting into their mouth where it belongs.

2. Consider separate pieces.

Cakes don't have to be a single piece anymore. You can now have a series of cupcakes arranged to look like a cake. This can also be less messy when you have a party full of toddlers. In particular, you don't have to waste time cutting. Instead, you can distribute the pieces more quickly so that you can keep an eye on the kids and help them not to make a giant mess.

3. Try cake pops.

To really make things simple, find a cake shop that makes cake pops. These are pieces of cake on a stick, wrapped in fondant icing. With cake pops, you don't even have to dirty plates. You can simply send the kids outside and distribute the pops to them. Order biodegradable sticks so that you can just let the kids drop the sticks without worrying about littering.

4. Insist on a moist cake.

The quality of your cake also matters when you are trying not to make a mess. Vet your cake shop carefully to ensure they have good reviews, and in particular, look for a cake shop that has a reputation for making moist, yet light and flakey cakes. If the pieces of cake have ample moisture, they aren't as likely to fall apart while eating. To this end, also make sure that you order the cake and pick it up the day of the party. The longer you leave a cake sitting around, the drier and more crumb filled it becomes.